Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Welcome to the 2013 season!

Hello and welcome everyone! Thank you for visiting us at the Adams County Farmers` Market blog. We hope you are as excited for the start of the 2013 season as we are. Starting Wednesday, May 1st, local vendors will be lining up to offer you the best produce, crafts, pastries and other goodies from Adams County. This year, our blog will be your personal guide to navigating the markets and learning how to integrate these versatile products into your everyday life from the perspective of an average consumer just like you! If you have not already, please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to receive updates on product availability and current events.
So… Allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Melany and along with my Fianc√© Corey, we love all things fresh, local and convenient. We are young adventurists who enjoy cycling through the battlefields, trying new things, cooking and of course browsing the local market. We are planning a September wedding and just moved into our first home located in downtown Gettysburg. After graduating from the University of Maryland, we accepted job opportunities that moved us north of the Mason Dixon Line away from our hometown of Frederick, Maryland.
Our vision for this living testimonial is to highlight our adventures at the Adams County Farmers’ Market and encourage our online community to do the same. We will talk about the products we love, keep you posted as we learn about each vendor, share recipes and give genuine feedback on our experiences. So whether Corey and I are milking cows, picking up our sweet potatoes for the week or getting creative in the kitchen, we hope you will enjoy following us around the markets as we become familiar with our humble neighbors that can’t wait to share their products with you.
With your help, we are going to make this season`s blog fun! We want you to ask questions, provide suggestions and let us know what you think via our comments section below each post. Let`s be friends! We would love to hear from you, so please leave us a comment telling us a little bit about yourself and what you’re looking forward to this season :)

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