Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Market is Poppin'

Opposites do attract with the sweet and salty combinations used to make kettle corn. BeeviaFarm and Bakery is hooking market goers up with this tasty treat freshly popped in the traditional hot kettle. They offer a large variety of flavors including salt and vinegar, traditional, and a very popular porky pop (ask them about it!!!). Melany was recruited to assist with stirring the roasting kernels. Constantly stirring, the pot requires an acquired technique that prevents the sugar from burning and produces a sweet outer crust. Eventually, that familiar popping sound radiates from the kettle and fluffy white puffs spring up. After a few minutes, the finished product is ready to be flipped forward into a bucket and scooped to serve. Watching the transformation of kettle corn never gets old and is always an attraction.
The great thing about kettle corn is that it is a practical and portable treat. Make this your first stop as you snack your way through the rest of the market. Enjoy a handful throughout the week or give as a gift. When kept sealed in the package, kettle corn will retain that great crunch with great flavor.  

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