Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summertime Scapes

Love garlic but wish you could find a less potent fresher version for summertime dishes? Garlic scapes are the stems of garlic plants and are a savvy market shopper’s dream. Twisty, perplexing, and all the rage right now!
Similar to a scallion or chive, this versatile part of the plant is often thrown to the compost pile and over looked. But you are in luck; Adams County knows that these little guys are versatile and delicious. Chop them up raw as a garnish or throw on the grill similar to Corey’s grilled asparagus recipe. Serve the scapes at your next cookout and they are sure to be a conversation starter as one of the most interesting items this season. Our best advice is to ask your grower for their favorite recipe when you grab armfuls at our markets this week. Make sure to fill your baskets now because once word gets out, these trendy veggies might be harder to come by.

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  1. Very interesting. I learned something new. I am excited to try the garlic scapes! Sounds like this would be delicious in stir fry and maranades too.