Thursday, July 18, 2013

Agriculture: A Local Business

Adams County values agriculture. According to the American Farmland Trust "farmland provides more back in local taxes than it requires in public services." Local farms naturally connect consumers back to the origin of their food and provides greater benefits that are often unacknowledged. With 50% of Adams County allocated for pure farm land, it’s no wonder production is eclectic and abundant. Thanks to 1,289 farms and a $24.1 million farm labor payroll, agriculture is one of Adams County’s top industries.
  • Poultry, fruits and dairy have the highest value of sales
  • Over 123,884 local jobs are sustained through agriculture
  • 1.9% of the population are farmers
  • 1st in the state and 4th in the nation for Apple and Peach production
  • 155 farms are currently protected under the State Farmland Protection Program


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